Nathan Tiangson, Founder of Kindred Culture


Kindred Culture is a fully running dance studio in Mississauga, Ontario. They provide people of all ages dance classes and a space for expression within the arts. Being one of the only studio in Mississauga, they are one of a kind. Especially with their value revolving around community. There is no other dance studio within the GTA that is as involved with their community than Kindred Culture is.

The backstory of Kindred Culture stemmed from Nathan Tiangson’s first year experience in university. Unlike many other students, he did not live on campus during his first year. He lived in a house 30 minutes away from campus, with 4 fourth year students that had already known each other for years. You can begin to imagine how uncomfortable that may be. From here, he knew he wanted to create a space that anyone could feel at home and not feel the discomfort he felt. As his time at the University of Waterloo went on, he was eventually asked to be the new captain of the University of Waterloo dance team. However, he wanted to make sure that community and and using dance as a positive force was at the core of those values.

And so, Kindred Culture originally began as a competitive dance team in 2013. They placed in almost every competition they competed in. With that success and attention, Nathan knew that he could do much more with the team. They first started by running workshops that would also serve as fundraisers for different charities. In his fourth year of University, he created a club in Mississauga that people could join for a price and simply just dance. He offered 12 classes for $20, which was incredibly cheap for the industry standard. The club was held out of a community centre called Gateway. The Kindred Culture Dance Club held weekly classes for anyone who wanted to learn. After graduation, he realized that moving back to his hometown meant that he had to find a new physical space to dance. Quickly realizing that there was no other studio in Mississauga other than those in downtown Toronto, he decided to start his own.

Fast forward to 2016, Nathan signed the lease on the current space he has now. Kindred Culture is now running full dance programs, allows for rental space, and hosts many of the well known dance competition in Ontario.

Being a successful entrepreneur, we asked Nathan Tiangson about his most important lesson to anyone that is looking to start something. He told us that the most important thing was to,

“Always pursue purpose, and the money will follow. Because if you don’t know your purpose, anything that you start will fail quickly.”

He said that people need to really understand their own values and to be very real with themselves. That means to understand what you are good at and what you are bad at.

“If you are going to start something, be 100% in, but also be willing to walk away from it”.

We can learn from this journey the importance of purpose. With the single purpose of creating a space where anyone can feel at home and not feel the discomfort he felt, Nathan is now running his own studio regardless of any obstacle he may have faced. Understand what you want to do, the purpose behind it, and stand by it. With a strong purpose, you will naturally find yourself doing the things you need to do in order to achieve it.

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David Luong