Why You Should Learn To Love Limitations

The purpose of limitations is for you to overcome them. 

Let me clarify when I say “limitations”. Limitations is when you are being restricted. You are being stopped by an external factor. 

We often perceive limitations through a negative lens and it immediately restricts our movements and thoughts. It is naturally ingrained in our minds that by having limitations/restrictions, it automatically makes a situation sub-par. However, I believe that we only think this way because it is what we have been trained to perceive.

But what I’ve learned over the past years is that we should be embracing limitations and its challenges. Here’s why.

Limitations allow you grow, and they allow you to overcome. They’re opportunities for you to shine and challenge your actions. Overcoming limitations allow you to further understand what you are truly capable of. How beautiful is that? 

Try and view limitations as challenges, not restrictions. 

In a way, our own mind is our personal limiter. We are limiting ourselves to do the things we wish to do. But the reason why we limit ourselves is because we are naturally afraid of risk. We don’t want to experience the feeling of failure and discomfort. Our brain is wired to protect ourselves from those situations.

Challenge limitations and prove to yourself that you can be great and that you can be resilient. Overcome yourself and take full control. Because limitations are only restrictive when you allow them to be. It is in our perception of limitation where we hinder ourselves. So change it.

Embrace the limitations when you are presented with restriction. Use them as opportunities to grow, to learn, and to push your capabilities. Because it’s not about how much you can do with what you have, but how much you can do with how little you have.

If we didn’t have any limiters on ourselves, then what would be the point of life and experience? Would we be capable of everything and anything we wanted? Im still trying to figure that out.

Written by: David Luong, Founder of Leaving Legacy

David Luong