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Angela Xu, YorkU Dance Major

Angela Xu, a 3rd year dance major shares her story overcoming adversity of her close ones and the pursuit of her passion. She discusses with us her views on self-motivation, the importance of doing things for yourself, and the value of criticism.

Dillon Mendes, Co-Founder of Pickwaste

Small consistent actions lead to massive changes. PickWaste Co-Founder Dillon Mendes talks us through how this philosophy has brought him success not only in his venture but also his life. 

Bilal Ahmed, Zehra Quasim, & Ahmed Ramirez, Founders of Blacktop

Blacktop Founders give us their complete insight on the most important aspects of how to deal with self-doubt, looking for the right co-founders, and their tips on balancing full time studies as students with business!

Jonathan De Vela, Founder of Lve.Tailored

Jonathon De Vela explains to us his journey towards becoming a barber after his graduation from the University of Waterloo and how he took a leap of faith quitting his 9-5 for a chance at becoming a barber’s assistant.

Michelle Estalilla, Creator of ForTheKids

Michelle Estalilla takes us through her journey of calligraphy and how it turned into something much bigger than herself. She reminds us to always celebrate the small victories and emphasizes that the most impact comes from the little things!

Nathan Tiangson, Founder of Kindred Culture

Nathan Tiangson shares his story on the creation of Kindred Culture and his thoughts on entrepreneurship.