Leaving Legacy
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Why We Do, What We Do

Leaving Legacy is all about empowerment. At its very core, it is about inspiring people to go after their ambitions and provide supportive resources. Whether that be applying to that dream job, the decision to wake up a little earlier every day, or to start that business idea. Our goal is to help people make the decision to take the leap and start executing on their own goals.

It is too common for people to be held back by their own limitations. Why is it so hard to make the small decisions that will ultimately benefit us? Why do we struggle with execution? Most people often decide that they can’t do it before ever even trying. You must see all the possibilities. Because anything you want is possible.

We partner with individuals that exemplify the notion of leaving legacy and breaking barriers. Individuals who speak their truth and act upon their visions. We share their stories in order to be the spark of initiation for others. By providing value from others and resources, we hope to be the stepping stone for people to take their first steps towards their goals.


The Founder

Founded September 2018, David Luong created Leaving Legacy as an initiation to bring attention towards self-awareness and helping others take their first steps towards their goals.

David is a fourth year design student, currently going through the YSDN (York Sheridan Design) program. Through design, he started his own apparel line called Legacy Apparel in August 2017. The original purpose was to become a symbol of possibilities. He strongly believes that everyone has their own story, legacy to leave, and that it should be predicated from themselves, not anyone else. One year later, he is now starting a new initiative called Leaving Legacy.

Noticing an immense divide between people’s trust in their own capabilities, David wants to show that anything really is achievable if the right mindset is applied. He is now pursuing the idea of sharing other peoples stories and providing valuable resources to those who are looking to start their own journeys!

He hopes that with Leaving Legacy, there will be more attention on oneself and what we are truly capable of doing as humans. Through the exposure of stories, resources, podcasts, and many other mediums, being able to help create opportunity within oneself is the ultimate goal for David and Leaving Legacy.


Candidate for Bachelors of Design at York University / Sheridan College

Executive Communications Manager for
YSDN 2019 Graduate Show

2019 Starterhacks Mentor
Starterhacks 2019

Gold Award Recipient
The ADCC Student Awards

Experience Design Intern at
League of Innovators

Toronto Connector
League of Innovators

Designer at
Kindred Culture

Designer at
York University Athletics